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2012: Report to the Community

Annual Report 2012

2012: Report to the Community

If 2012 at Hopewell were to have a theme, it would be nurture. So much of our activity focused on nourishment, growth and development – of our residents and of our farm community...

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Winter 2012 - Work is Recovery for Joel

Winter 2012 - Work is Recovery for Joel

My name is Joel Budzar. I was a resident at Hopewell for 10 months and it has been my honor to be a part of this year’s annual fund campaign.

I wanted to tell you a little bit about what the farm means to me and how Hopewell helps people recover from mental illness....

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Fall 2012 - Hopewell Adds New Facility

Fall 2012 - Hopewell Adds New Facility

Local home to provide independent living
Hopewell recently purchased a home located on the Mesopotamia commons to use as supervised, independent living housing.

With this new transitional house, Hopewell will be able to offer residnts increased independence and vocational training. Residents will participate in Hopewell's regular programming during the day and be involved in the broader community of Mesopotamia through work, volunteer porjects or continuing education.

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Summer 2012 - How the Farm Supports Recovery

Summer 2012 - How the Farm Supports Recovery

Each year during Hopewell’s annual Summer Solstice benefit, generous
guests “raise their paddles” to help Hopewell further its mission of helping
people with serious illness find hope and healing.

This year’s funding is earmarked for much-needed farm improvements.

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Spring 2012 - Former Resident Becomes Volunteer