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Winter 2011 - Sarah Finds Her Way at Hopewell

Winter 2011 - Sarah Finds Her Way at Hopewell

"I wouldn't be as high-functioning today if I hadn't gone to Hopewell," says Sarah M., a former resident and the author of this year's annual appeal.

In the fall of 2006, Sarah was a happy, artist-college student living in San Francisco, the city of her dreams. That is when she experienced the first episode of the disease that would eventually bring her to Hopewell.

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2011: Growing Better Every Day

Annual Report 2011

2011: Growing Better Every Day

Hopewell's 2011 was a year characterized by promising beginnings. That means we were busy, but in the best sense of the word...

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Benefits of a Therapeutic Lifestyle

April 14, 2011

Therapeutic lifestyle changes as useful as drugs in improving mental health. UCI study details benefits of physical activity, diet, relationships, fun and spirituality- Irvine... Read More

Spring 2011 - Helping Young People Heal

Spring 2011 - Helping Young People Heal

March 29, 2011

A frequently asked question here at Hopewell is, "What is the average age of the people you serve?"Currently, we have a number of residents who are young (in their 20s), smart...

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Winter 2010 - Starting A New Life

Winter 2010 - Starting A New Life

January 07, 2011

Before coming to Hopewell I had been losing myself in a world of distractions. It was nearly impossible for me to pull myself out of that chaos. I tried a couple of years ago ...

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