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Summer 2014 - Finding the Courage to Live and Sing Again

Summer 2014 - Finding the Courage to Live and Sing Again

I met Johnna early in the spring this year. On the surface, she appeared scared and shy. I met with her parents and instantly could see the love they had for their daughter. Johnna is part of a close-knit family, the sixth of nine children. She was home schooled by her mother, and the entire family is active in their church. My heart felt heavy as Johnna's parents described how desperate they were to find help for her. They told me about Johnna's years of dark depression and their confusion about how this could be possible for such an intelligent and talented young person. They asked,"Do you think Hopewell can really help her?" My answer was, "Of course."

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2013 Outcomes Report

Results from Hopewell's research continue to show improved outcomes.

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2014: Advancing Therapeutic Community

Annual Report 2014

2014: Advancing Therapeutic Community

In 2014, Hopewell served 90 residents and their families. Fee assistance was provided to more than 95% of our residents' families, thanks to our generous donors...

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Spring 2014  - Two Days in a Life

Spring 2014 - Two Days in a Life

Entry in Erik's personal journal, July 26, 2013: "I woke up with vague memories of hurting myself last night. I didn't tell anyone. I have stayed in my room all day avoiding my parents. I don't want them to know. I can't tell anyone my bad thoughts. I have been very depressed for awhile now and have not been having real good thoughts about myself, not really liking myself very much I guess. I don't take any medications anymore. I have lost contact with all my friends. I used to work sometimes, not anymore. I'm not doing much at all. After those thoughts above, I guess I hurt myself again, this time pretty bad. My parents found me and called an ambulance."

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2013-2014 Quality Improvement Report

Hopewell is committed to continually improving our organization and service delivery. The goal of this report is to show the steps Hopewell took throughout 2013 to be more effective and efficient; review access to services; look at satisfaction and feedback; and make future improvement plans.

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