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Summer 2022:  My Name is Liz, and I am Going to Change the World

Summer 2022: My Name is Liz, and I am Going to Change the World

I am thankful to Hopewell and the incredible staff for getting me on a path to success and helping me realize my full potential. I have never felt better, and I am so grateful.

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2021 Outcome Report

2021 Outcome Report

Hopewell's 2021 Outcome Report

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2021 Annual Report

Annual Report 2022

2021 Annual Report

Throughout 2021, Hopewell celebrated our TwentyFifth Anniversary of service to adults with serious mental illness. We celebrated despite the continuation of a global pandemic, and civil, political and economic unrest in our country. Through these challenges, our Board and staff successfully remained focused on keeping our community safe and healthy, and continuing to provide the best mental health care possible for our residents.

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Spring 2022:  Tom's Creative path

Spring 2022: Tom's Creative path

“Hopewell was a beautiful place to celebrate recovery,” Tom said. “I enjoy remembering the work I did and what I learned. I am more diligent in my creative endeavors, and I am a happier person.”

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Winter 2022:  My Journey Through Mental Illness

Winter 2022: My Journey Through Mental Illness

Nearly 20 years ago, at age 7, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when I was experiencing a set of symptoms that overlapped with that mental illness. In retrospect, this was a misdiagnosis. Today we know these symptoms were early signs of Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and a dissociative disorder.

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