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Strategic Plan Summary

Today the trend is to offer a more comprehensive system of accessible and affordable health care. Providing outcome-driven, evidence-based care and treatment will be a major indicator for assessing the quality and efficacy of healthcare organizations of the future. 

Hopewell is uniquely positioned to exemplify "mental health care the way it should be" - respectful, professional and comprehensive. Our integrated moral treatment-based model of care places an emphasis on sustained recovery and healing for persons experiencing serious mental illness.

Our outcomes data continues to support our belief that the "Hopewell Model" is highly effective. It also has implications for contributing to furthering our professional knowledge base and determining the potential application and utilization of Hopewell principles and approaches in other behavioral healthcare settings

The Strategic Plan provides a roadmap and timeline for guiding Hopewell's future as an organization with extraordinary vision and commitment to excellence in the delivery of mental health care and treatment. The energy, expertise and wisdom of the Board, staff and other stakeholders who contributed to our Strategic Plan assure that a well-thought-out and practical guide for Hopewell's future success is in place and will serve as a living, working document for the months and years ahead.


Hopewell provides an opportunity for adults with serious mental illness to experience a self-reliant and satisfying life through participation in a vibrant residential therapeutic farm community.


Hopewell provides an effective healing environment for individuals with serious mental illness once acute psychiatric symptoms are stabilized. We assist the members of the Hopewell community by strengthening their social skills, their emotional competency, and their commitment to medication compliance to enable them to function at their highest level of effectiveness.


Using the power of nature, meaningful work, therapeutic community, evidence-based practices and a highly skilled, caring staff, Hopewell aims to transform the lives of those living with serious mental illness. In an atmosphere of respect and acceptance, residents develop the skills and outlook they need to connect to a supportive fabric of family, friends, services, and work when they leave.

We routinely refine our practices on the basis of our own research and that of others. We contribute our knowledge to the field of mental health treatment and promote healthy attitudes about mental illness. We envision a future of financial strength that will enable us to welcome individuals regardless of their ability to afford treatment.


At Hopewell, 

  • We believe in the power of the community to create an environment of caring, acceptance, compassion, growth and fulfillment.
  • We believe that everyone can experience success, find a life of purpose, and feel hope. We believe in recovery.
  • We believe that people can be helped to find answers to their own problems through support and care in a physically and psychologically safe environment, with appropriate professional help.
  • We recognize the importance of medication and medication compliance as a necessary support for recovery from mental illness, and of educating our residents to understand the continuing need for both medication compliance and utilization of professional assistance.
  • We believe in respecting, valuing, and helping each other.
  • We value the whole person - mind, body and spirit.
  • We believe in the healing power of nature and meaningful work.
  • We believe in being stewards of our resources - property, people, and finances.
  • We recognize that we are part of a larger community - including family, neighbors, professionals, supporters, mental health agencies, and those advancing knowledge in the field of mental health. We value these partnerships.
  • We recognize our responsibility to take a leadership role in sharing what we learn.