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Meet Martha

February 8, 2024

Meet Martha

“Working at a place like Hopewell has been a goal ever since I was a medical resident in Boston,” says Martha Schinagle, MD, Hopewell’s psychiatrist. “I heard about Gould Farm (one of the four other... read more
Visiting Artist Program -- Apply today!

December 6, 2023

Visiting Artist Program -- Apply today!

Hopewell is currently seeking applicants for our 2024 Visiting Artist Program. Our visiting artist program is designed to foster an alliance between creative arts and wellness. We are seeking artists who value the connection between... read more
Meet Ann, Our Director of Development

October 16, 2023

Meet Ann, Our Director of Development

In Summer 2023, after a three-month search, Ann Thompson became our Director of Development. She had been Hopewell's Development and Communications Manager since 2017. You could say she's outstanding in her field. Ann leads the Development... read more
Meet Darlene, Our Finance Manager

March 30, 2023

Meet Darlene, Our Finance Manager

When hiring a finance manager, you need someone who is good with numbers, sharp as a tack, and right on the money. Fortunately, Darlene Pennington came to Hopewell in spring 2022 with those qualifications and... read more
A Talk with God

February 21, 2023

A Talk with God

This blog was written by someone in mental health recovery. God? YES, MY DARLING? I don't want to live any more, can you please take me to Heaven? I'M REALLY SORRY, SWEETHEART, BUT IT’S NOT YOUR TIME, YOU HAVE... read more