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Navigating the Mental Health Crisis in Young Adults



Sophie was born in Providence, Rhode Island and moved to Michigan at a young age. As an only child, she spent her childhood playing with neighborhood friends and enjoying her younger years.

After starting college, Sophie noticed a change in her mental health, experiencing anxiety attacks and psychosomatic symptoms. As she juggled many challenges, she found that inpatient hospital treatment did not have what she needed. Sophie found Hopewell in September 2020 and fell in love with the community, nature, staff, and overall environment.

She said, “There were so many things for me to do at Hopewell. Being surrounded by nature was so peaceful and calm. One of my favorite activities was the music program where I could play the piano and sing. I also liked to walk with new friends and be part of the community.”

Sophie left Hopewell in November 2022 and moved back to Michigan. She currently works at a local café and is searching for future options. She is considering going to Western Michigan University where she can pursue a music therapy degree. Sophie said, “I would like to work or volunteer at a community music school for the physically and mentally disabled.”

Looking back to her time at Hopewell, Sophie said, “I realized how fortunate I was to have been at Hopewell. I had a mental storm brewing inside and Hopewell really restored me. It gave me friends, a community, and a place to heal.”

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