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Hi Daniel! It’s Emily, I just wanted to check in with you and say thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me and for taking me in when I was lost and alone. I’ve been on my meds since December 2017 and have made so much progress. I had my baby girl in March and have held down a full time job since April! I recently put down a deposit on my first apartment for my daughter and me and am saving to buy a car and go back to school. I am on really good terms with my parents and they both love Natalie. Things can get better with hard work and I’m grateful to say that you helped me through the worst times of my life. Thank you again! – Emily

Emily experienced bouts of depression throughout high school, moving in and out of numerous facilities. She started college but was soon hospitalized and left after a few months. In October 2015, Emily found Hopewell.

Emily was drawn to Hopewell because of the farm environment and community involvement. She loved wandering with the horses, making it a priority to visit them daily. The art room was a favorite venue where she experienced creative ways to manage her feelings and settle her emotions.

Emily’s “best day ever” was when she and another resident roamed the grounds, found an old yellow swing behind some brush and hung it on a tree branch. Whenever Emily was in need of respite, she found herself on that swing, contemplating her world.

Looking back on her months at Hopewell, Emily loved being part of a community. Emily said, “Group centering made me feel like we were all in this together.”

After leaving Hopewell, Emily was stable for four months. She then went off her medication and relocated to Texas. The transition was not favorable so Emily moved back home and in March 2018, gave birth to her daughter Natalie.

Emily recently wrote a note to Hopewell’s Clinical Director, Daniel Horne, PCC-S, LSW, offering her thanks and appreciation. She currently works at a learning center in New Jersey, supervising an after school program for elementary school students. Natalie attends the preschool where Emily works, allowing mother and daughter to see each other throughout the day. Emily is thankful for her time at Hopewell.

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