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Drew became a Hopewell resident in October 2020. Prior to arriving, he was living in a very dark place, experiencing intrusive thoughts, depression, and anxiety. After arriving here, he was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder.

Drew said, “I was so happy to be at Hopewell. It was a place where I could deal with stress, relax, and take a deep breath. The incredible staff was open to letting me rest and take time for myself. I participated in nature walks and made friends.”

In October 2021, Drew left the Hopewell farm and moved to our Transition Services Program in University Circle. He worked as a part-time physical therapy assistant (PTA) and enjoyed being back in the city. When he was ready to leave the program, he stayed in University Circle and worked as a PTA in a skilled nursing facility.

In June 2022, Drew moved to Cleveland's west side and continues to work as a PTA. He enjoys basketball, trips to the gym, reading, and continuing education classes.

Looking back at his Hopewell experience, Drew said, “One of the most rewarding aspects of my Hopewell months was the people I met there. To have strong social connections was the most helpful thing for me. I explored finess and conversations, and a huge boost for me was to work out with my friends, and play soccer and basketball in the Swadey Community Center gym. Optimism came back and I was able to move forward in my life in a positive way.”

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