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Jackson arrived at Hopewell in September 2019. He had been in and out of different short-term facilities and needed a longer commitment.

When Jackson was 17 years old, he had major substance abuse issues. Seven years later, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and later re-diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. He had numerous hospital visits, tried electroconvulsive therapy (which caused memory loss), and had succumbed to substance abuse relapses. As of October 2022, Jackson has been sober for six months and it has been 18 months since he was last hospitalized.

With a dual diagnosis, Jackson created his own program of recovery for substance abuse. Three days a week, he attends SMART Recovery meetings (SelfManagement and Recovery Training). He currently works two days a week at Taco Bell, plays guitar and sings in Hopewell’s music therapy program, and works on Hopewell’s farm and gardening crew. He is dedicated to working on his plan to leave Hopewell in winter, 2023.

Currently, Jackson lives in Hand House, a home on the farm that give residents the flexibility to work toward independent living but still have Hopewell support. He participates in Exposure and Response Prevention therapy, Sandplay therapy, and OCD and anxiety programs. Jackson said, “Hopewell staff goes above and beyond. I refer to their help as 'therapy by committee.' People know me and are invested in me even if I'm not on their caseload. I look forward to moving on with my life."

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