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Summer Solstice 2020
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My name is Casey, and I have bipolar disorder.

I was diagnosed at age 21, with all the classic symptoms of mood swings, relationship problems and erratic behavior. Even with the “high” feelings, I was spiraling downward.

I found myself in an abusive relationship and knew I was having a nervous breakdown. I swallowed a bottle of pills. When I was discharged from the hospital, I still felt like I was losing it. But people kept telling me, “You’re fine.”

When significant relationships in my life came unglued, I realized I was continuing to unravel. I called a “reverse family intervention.” Instead of being the one confronted, I was the one forcing the issue. I knew I couldn’t continue to live as I was.

That’s when my counselor recommended Hopewell.

At first I was resistant, but at Hopewell no one is treated as if they have a problem. I was welcomed as part of a community, and the staff made me feel like an equal. I loved working in the art room, helping in the Market and learning to make maple syrup. All the while, my clinician helped me understand my emotions and my illness.

Bipolar disorder can be managed and, thanks to my time at Hopewell, I have learned to cope with my illness. I know my diagnosis doesn’t define me.

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