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Integral to Hopewell's Outcomes/Research Program is oversight by the Performance Management Committee. This Board-designated committee is comprised of members of the Board of Directors as well as leaders in the mental health field in Northeast Ohio. 

Purpose and mission of the Performance Management Committee

The purpose of the Performance Management Committee is to identify and quantify the impact of Hopewell's programming on the achievement of Hopewell’s goals in order to:

  • Stimulate improvement of the programming toward greater effectiveness;
  • Enlighten present and future residents and their families as to what realistic benefits they can expect from residency at Hopewell;
  • Guide the Board in its oversight activities; and 
  • Provide data by which referral resources and granting agencies and other relevant groups may accurately understand the impact that Hopewell's programming can have, and clarify the nature of the severe mental illnesses and the effective change agent processes by which their pathological impact may be corrected.

The mission is to provide oversight and support of the outcome research activities of Hopewell, such as to implement effectively the vision of the Committee.

Hopewell residents and staff feed the fish in front of the David Cutler Conservatory

Responsibilities and process of the Committee:

The Performance Management Committee carries out its mission through the following steps, in collaboration with the Hopewell staff:

  • Determine the research information needs of the clinical staff, the developmental staff, the marketing staff, and relevant others, and relate those needs to the actual data-gathering activities of the research program.
  • Identify the measurable goals, primarily the clinical outcomes goals, of Hopewell programming.
  • Review and approve the measuring instruments or other approaches that staff selects to assess and quantify progress toward those goals, and the protocols to be followed in collecting systematic data and assessing change toward goal achievement.
  • Review periodically the research outcomes and provide oversight for the overall research effort.
  • Stimulate publication and other forms of public information dissemination of the outcomes of the research program.

Members of the Performance Management Committee are:

Susan Locke, MD, Board of Directors

Nate Berger, MD, Board of Directors

Chloe Seelbach, Board of Directors

David Vincent, DC, Board of Directors

The Committee is staffed by:

Candace Carlton, LISW-S, RSP, Quality Improvement and Compliance Director

Daniel Horne, PCC-S, LSW, Clinical Director

Laura Scarnecchia, LPCC, Director of Admissions

Dave Shute, Executive Director

Colleen Welder, RN, BC, Director of Program and Operations