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March 28, 2022

Our Team, Our Passions...Celeste Hein

Some people think of passion as a burning desire. Celeste Hein’s passion for helping others is more like a nurturing spirit.

Before joining the Hopewell staff, Celeste had a cleaning business. “I love to clean,” she said, “but there was a point when I needed another calling – a way to help others. Seven years ago, I found my way to Hopewell. I love my job and I know this is where I’m supposed to be.” As a program facilitator and head of the housekeeping crew, she has found a way to combine her talents and her compassionate nature.

“I’m really here for the residents. I had no experience working with people who have mental illness, but I try to put myself in their place and find ways to connect. What are they going through? Sometimes all they need is someone to listen, someone to encourage them, walk with them and talk,” Celeste reflected. “Some residents need help with life skills and they start with keeping up their rooms. Others need encouragement to participate in daily activities.”

Celeste created a weekly book group several years ago and it became a big hit. “Residents suggest books and decide together what to read – anything from science fiction, novels, memoirs, even graphic novels. If the book has a movie, we watch it together.” Besides exploring different types of literature, the book group allows residents to work on social skills such as paying attention to conversation.

“I have learned a lot from our residents – it’s a give and take,” Celeste remarked. “You have to be an open-minded, patient, compassionate person to work here and it has helped me be more so. I laugh a lot, too, with the residents. I laugh loud all day.”

At home, it’s no surprise that Celeste enjoys gardening. “Working in the garden is something you can smell, see, and feel: taking care of the flowers, encouraging growth, keeping plants fed and watered. Besides, weeding is like cleaning the garden – it’s therapeutic!” She also loves to spend time with her grandchildren and take family trips to the beach.

Describing a “best day” at Hopewell, Celeste said, “It’s so satisfying when someone comes in struggling and they leave doing well. We can say goodbye and we have done our job."

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