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Summer Solstice 2023

December 6, 2021

Our Team, Our Passions...Aimee Deak, LPN

Aimee Deak, LPN, became a nurse at age 40 while raising her children and working full time. Before coming to Hopewell, she worked with different populations at the Cleveland Clinic, in nursing homes, and in an inpatient facility for people with mental illness and addiction. She then took a break from nursing for several years to work in her husband’s business.

Aimee and her husband live on 22 mostly wooded acres. “I do a lot of gardening to bring birds, bees, and butterflies to the property,” she said. “I love to walk through the woods and I’m taking horse riding lessons to get outside more often.” Aimee is actively involved in the lives of her seven grandchildren (ages toddler to 15). In her “spare” time, she is starting a business making totes, handbags, clutches and weekenders out of sustainable materials. She plans to sell them online in time for the holiday season.

Three years ago, Aimee took a life-changing ride. “I found Hopewell quite by accident while on a motorcycle ride with my husband,” she recalled. “I thought, ‘I’ve never heard of a therapeutic community before – it’s amazing that this is out here!’ When a position opened up for a PRN (as needed) nurse, I applied and was hired.” You never know where a ride in the country might lead.

Aimee is passionate about mental health care. “Many people still feel the stigma about going to a psychiatrist, taking medication, or getting mental health counseling. The pandemic has highlighted the effects of isolation on mental health and now more people are seeking help. We need to make mental health care a priority for more people and provide better health insurance,” she stated.

Aimee continued, “Many residents have experienced stigma and isolation due to their illness. When they come to Hopewell, they join a healing community. It’s so satisfying to be part of their journey to mental wellness.”

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