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July 4, 2020

On the Fourth, A Renewed Commitment

On the Fourth of July we celebrate the concept that all people are created equal. This is an insight that would have emerged much more slowly had its earlier, more narrow formulation not first occurred in our Declaration of Independence.

Thus it is fitting that today, as Hopewell’s new leader, I publish one of my leadership priorities, about equality.

Statement of Renewed Commitment

Hopewell is a therapeutic community. Our model has always rejected oppressive mental health practices, and striven to administer holistic, person-centered care and support. Since our inception almost 25 years ago, the foundation of our work has centered on the healing and transformative power of community. We know healing does not occur in a vacuum. It does not occur in isolation. When we heal, we heal together. We can attest to the power of community in the lives of our residents, families, staff, and partners over these last two decades.

But we also acknowledge we are part of a larger community where Black people continue to be oppressed and brutalized, and where racism, health disparities, and direct violence are not rare. As an organization that serves the needs of others, we pledge to do more to address and rectify these injustices, and to uplift and serve others in need of healing and recovery.

To that end, today and moving forward, Hopewell pledges to:

  • Hold ourselves accountable to our values as an organization, particularly as they pertain to issues of racial justice and equality
  • Seek out, partner with, and support Black mental health organizations
  • Seek out, partner with, and support Black leaders and professionals in the mental health community
  • Review our practices and root out any elements of care that could be deemed racist or racially insensitive.
  • Provide resources, training, and education to our residents, staff, and wider network of professional support on diversity, equality, and racial justice

Amid this crisis, we are collectively learning that we are interconnected. If one of us is unwell, all of us are unwell. Building a healthy community depends on the whole of us being safe and healthy. We are committed to making Hopewell a community where Black lives matter.

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