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Navigating the Mental Health Crisis in Young Adults

July 3, 2020

Overview: Our Virtual Introduction to Residence at Hopewell

Those contemplating a stay at Hopewell are commonly facing a crisis. We know this very well. In turn we have designed two COVID-sensitive pathways to entering Hopewell.

One is for those who are fully vaccinated, or who are coming directly from a clinical setting, such as a hospital inpatient unit or another residential care setting. In most cases, those coming with full vaccination or from these settings will be able to directly enter the Hopewell residential program. For details, call Laura Scarnecchia, our Director of Admissions, at 440-426-2009.

The other pathway is for those not fully vaccinated coming from more risky community settings. This pathway is our "virtual introduction program"--which provides both direct and immediate support with measures to keep our current residents safe.

Our virtual introduction to Hopewell initiates our clinical relationship with a prospective resident, introduces and orients them to Hopewell, and protects our current residents by requiring most not fully vaccinated prospective residents to be isolated from others for an individually-tailored period, typically seven days, before they can enter our residential community.

Involvement in Virtual Hopewell Programming

The prospective resident will engage in online telehealth for clinical and orientation programming. This will help them make progress on the goals that bring them to Hopewell, speed their transition into our community once they are in residence, and help manage the stresses of being in quarantine.


The purpose of quarantine is to protect our current residents through most prospective residents from community settings isolating themselves from other people for their individually designed quarantine period.

Prospective residents will commonly be accompanied by one family member or other support person during the first part, or all, of their quarantine.

A quarantine location will be mutually agreed to by Hopewell and the prospective resident/prospective resident family. It could include our Depot two-bedroom apartment on our property, or another location, typically within an easy non-stop drive of Hopewell.

In working with prospective residents and their families, we have found together many creative solutions to quarantine challenges that at first appeared impossible to overcome.

Successfully Transitioning from Quarantine to Hopewell

Completing the quarantine means complying with all the requirements of the quarantine, being symptom free the entire period, and actively participating in clinical and orientation activities while in quarantine.

Upon successful completion of the quarantine, the prospective resident will begin in our residential program.

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