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November 7, 2016

Resident Writing Feature - I Told You So!

Residents at Hopewell are encouraged to heal and grow in ways that work best for them. One of the outlets available is a therapeutic writing group. A number of residents gather together, draw prompts, and express themselves through verse. We are excited to showcase some of the talent and creativity that is shown in this group.

Prompt in writing group: The most amazing thing just happened! And you can finally say “I told you so!” It feels good to be right, but even better to experience that magical thing that they said couldn’t be done. Describe this experience…..

It started with getting up for early morning work groups and breakfast. Each and every day I got up for breakfast and went. I would go to breakfast and meet people I have never met before. I would converse openly with them and discuss not only my problems but their problems as well. After breakfast I would then ready myself for work crew.

Work crew is a new experience. Each morning I would head to the barn to clean stables, give hay to the horses, clean up poop and take care of the animals. It was very therapeutic for complete a job. Even though the barn was damp and dark there was a comraderie amongst the four men that were in the work crew. We all worked together today. Cleaning the stalls, prepping food for the horses. Feeding the chickens. Finally we loaded up the truck with recyclable material and took it to where it can be recycled.

Afterwards, although I was sad because I feel that my life has spiraled out of control and all I could think about was my two boys, I did do something productive.

Then each day I was able to make it to lunch and participate. I made it to all afternoon groups that I could and participated as best I could. I tried to learn all I could in the time that was provided.

Every evening I would make it to dinner. I would sit down and enjoy a meal with my colleagues. I never slept through a breakfast, lunch, dinner, or group session.

Pretty soon the place began to grow on me. I was achieving success after success. Outside factors were beginning to take care of themselves one by one. I was able to focus on myself and try to get better. My depression began to life. I felt a lot less like crying. I felt a lot less that the time away from my boys was the end of the world.

I began to see how my own positive approach could life me out of my depression. I began to see that it was just not just one thing that made me so depressed but that it was several.

Little by little I began to feel like my old self again. No one could have believe with my attitude when I got here that I would be able to recover from depression. But with hard work I was finally able to say: “I told you so!”


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