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July 27, 2016

Ways to Be Involved in Your Child's Treatment at Hopewell

From the time a resident appears on the Hopewell campus for a first tour, his or her family can be there and be involved in the healing process. Family involvement is often critical to fostering long term healing.

There is a two bedroom apartment on campus available to families to stay during visits. Visiting family members are encouraged to join the community for any and all meals served in the Main House dining room. The Sunday Brunch is particularly popular with residents and family members.

Family members are frequently a crucial source of information during the admission process to provide insights into how Hopewell can best interact with and the new resident. Hopewell clinical staff encourage ongoing communication with family members to ensure that the residents is getting all that they can out of the Hopewell program and that Hopewell staff fully understand the resident.

Hopewell strongly encourages families to visit their loved ones at the farm. These visits can be coordinated at any time with the resident’s clinician. The Farm & Craft Market, selected farm areas and woodland trails are available to them for walks and bike rides. Families may also participate in many aspects of the program day including work crews, recreational activities and other non-clinical groups. Clinicians may also schedule family counseling sessions during visits.

Residents are encouraged to stay in contact with their families or significant other by cell phone, text or email and good old fashion letters and post cards. Residents also have access to Wi-Fi in the evenings and on weekends that they can access through their own laptops, tablets, cell phones as well as Hopewell Computers in each living residence.

Families are often an integral part of discharge planning in the weeks and months prior to discharge and frequently participate in the discharge process on the day of discharge.

We encourage ongoing contact and follow-up after discharge as well. Hopewell staff loves hearing from former residents with news of their triumphs in life and are always available to try and assist with any obstacles or setbacks they encounter after leaving Hopewell.

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