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Summer Solstice 2020
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April 13, 2016

Resident Writing Feature - Bill Sears

Residents at Hopewell are encouraged to heal and grow in ways that work best for them. One of the outlets available is a therapeutic writing group. A number of residents gather together, draw prompts, and express themselves through verse. We are excited to showcase some of the talent and creativity that is shown in this group.

Today’s resident writing feature is by Bill Sears. His prompt was “Your inner parent is about to ground your inner child.”

I relapsed in behavior when I came to Hopewell. I had already fallen to relapse in my addiction but old behaviors began to crop up. Before my break in Memphis, I lived in relative peace but was hardly functional. I was no longer attention seeking, no longer driven by my fears, but was still grandiose in my image of myself.

The inner parent in me tells me to find peace with everything and do only good. Find peace with attention, have no fear of what I can’t control. Find peace with the fact that I’m not a savior to the world.

My child self is restless. He calls for action and resolve for every living being and equal treatment of all things.

One side calls for action towards this in my life, the other calls for the resolve of internal struggle. Peace with pain outside my control. A choice. Why is one set of values and rhetoric superior to another? Equality. Peace. Peace is the only thing outside of rhetoric.

To be a peaceful warrior. A warrior for peace. To fight against mental illness and all that is wrong. To resolve and let go. To give up and find peace.

A choice.

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