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January 27, 2016

Populations Hopewell Can Serve Effectively

We are frequently asked what type of resident Hopewell can best serve. Hopewell is clinically effective for people with schizophrenia, schizo-affective disorders, bipolar conditions, and for broader populations of people whom:

  • People who are or can be stabilized with medication
  • People who require a longer rather than shorter period of treatment
  • People for whom more than one “spoke of the personal health wheel” needs attention. (“spokes” equal physical/health, social/emotional, financial/career, family/community, spiritual/personal, mental/educational)
  • People who want to come and are willing to work on an Individualized Service Plan (ISP).
  • These could include people with PTSD, autism and other diagnoses if the above conditions are present

Hopewell is not appropriate for certain populations including:

  • People with milder forms of mental illness
  • People NOT stabilized on their medication(s)
  • People whose illness is beyond a certain level of acuity
  • People who would be a danger to themselves or other Hopewell residents (e.g. sexual offenders, violent people)
  • People not motivated or interested in receiving help in a Hopewell type of environment
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