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January 12, 2016

Giving Thanks Can Be Good for Your Emotional Wellness

While it seems we can sometimes become preoccupied with the misfortunes and negative aspects of life and conversely take for granted the abundance and blessings available to us, it does not have to be this way. Focusing on what we have versus what we don’t can help us find more “value added” meaning and satisfaction in ourselves and others. Expressing gratitude and extending thanks to others is a very emotionally healthy habit to develop and refine. This time of the year, in particular, we have an opportunity to take stock in the fortunes life has to offer. By seeing obstacles as challenges, challenges as opportunities and achievement as progress, we have a formula for realizing more meaning and rewards in life.

Hopewell strives to foster this “gratitude attitude” and outlook in everything we do. Many we serve have faced what seemed to them and others as insurmountable obstacles. We help our residents address each barrier in their life as a doable opportunity to grow and achieve success. Helping our residents’ measure these successes and encouraging them to share with others is an important part of the healing process. Being thankful and expressing gratitude further helps in maintaining a positive focus and reaching goals each has set.

There is much to be gained by giving thanks and sharing gratitude with others. We are particularly thankful to the many that have supported Hopewell’s vision and mission over the years. Because of your belief and support of Hopewell, you have helped make a positive difference in the lives of people we serve. For this we say, “thank you!”

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