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Summer Solstice 2020
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December 28, 2015

Work as Therapy

At Hopewell work plays an essential role in our treatment approach and “community as healer” model of care. Our focus is on helping our residents realize a more sustained recovery and improved level of functioning in managing their illness, through engaging in meaningful work-related activities. This experience often leads our resident to achieving a greater sense of self-confidence and self-reliance while learning and developing meaningful work skills that they may choose to draw upon after leaving Hopewell.

While all members of the Hopewell community are working on their own identified goals, they too, are engaged in helping and supporting each other’s progress as well. For both residents and staff, working together, learning together and experiencing together are all essential aspects of our dynamic, healing community.

As Hopewell is a working farm community that focuses on engaging in sustainable practices, our work crews play a vital role in helping to maintain our day-to-day operations. Each resident, upon their admission to Hopewell, has the opportunity to choose to serve on a number of designated work crews. These assignments include experiences with farm, food service, garden, maintenance, housekeeping crews as well as the opportunity to assist in the art room. Woodshop and Farm & Craft Market.

Coupled with a range of other clinical and therapeutic interventions, as well as medication support, Hopewell’s work program plays a critical role in our “whole person” approach to care. It serves to provide greater meaning and reward in helping others, an enhanced sense of self-who, a feeling of contribution ad social inclusion and an opportunity to build on work-oriented interests and skills.

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