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January 23, 2014

Busy Wintertime at Hopewell

Here are just a few of the wood piles that our community has produced around the Hopewell property. The trees used have either fallen down, or already died. Nevertheless, they are still standing and therefore must be taken down for safety reasons.

Our Farm Manager, Norman Wengerd uses the chainsaw to cut the logs into usable sections while other Hopewell community members use a hydraulic splitter hooked up to a tractor. The process of lifting the pieces onto the splitter and stacking the wood is very healthy and therapeutic.

The wood is transported by our horse drawn wagon to the Sugar House. A fire is constantly maintained in the evaporator which processes the maple sap into our delicious syrup. It is a winter spectacle not to be missed! When the sap is boiling, the woods, campus and air have a warm maple sugar fragrance.

It won't be long now until we begin the process of making our delicious syrup! Stay tuned…

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