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December 6, 2013

Hopewell's residents celebrate diversity through food

At Hopewell, we celebrate each day as a new beginning. We also recognize that while many of us have a lot in common, we also have differences. Hopewell staff and residents celebrated these differences during Cultural Diversity Week and enjoyed a rich menu of foods from around the world.

Italian: tuna tortellini salad; rigatoni with meat sauce from our own canned tomatoes; butter mushrooms with garlic and parsley; Italian bread.

English: English muffin pizza, British stew with potatoes, carrots; Manchet bread; Wassel (warm punch)

Mexican: enchilada bake with meat or beans; tortillas with salsa and sour cream

African American: fried chicken, cornbread and peas

Indian: lamb curry with roasted cauliflower

Polish/Slovian: chicken paprikash with noodles; banana cream pie Irish: corned beef, sauerkraut and potato salad

Asian: sweet and sour pork with egg rolls

Enjoy your meal

buon appetito

¡que aproveche

Cieszyć się apan

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