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October 28, 2013

A farewell message

Story Time!

"Stephanie"! I can hear it every two seconds at times here at Hopewell! It is amazing. I have loved it here.

"Yeah, what's up"? I can't wait for the answer, usually because it doesn't matter what it is, I'm happy to help. My response is as if "I'm busy, but you may come to me at any time"! It's all because you keep me busy, and I love it. I'm happy everyone here gets the fact I care, and everyone is so supportive. I have made so many understanding, caring, gentle, helpful, inspiring friendships, and I can't wait to share my experience with anyone who will see the changes in me.

At first it was frightening. I was afraid of being around people who were not as functional or stable in their recovery. I was afraid my stability would be compromised, when in fact; these friends of mine just need extra care, just like me. I have already learned the hard way that it's tough for those who have been diagnosed with mental illness. We're more likely to be a victim of violence in our lifetime. We're more likely to end up dead due to suicide or homicide. These are all things I knew coming here. I've been a victim of violence. I've tried to take my life before. I know here, everyone was at least in my shoes once they were first diagnosed, if not more.

I care so much about what people go through, or feel. It's been awhile since I've thought about me though. I haven't cried in years the way this place had opened me up, and helped me live again. I'm going to miss it here. I feel like this is my family of those who I was brought into, born into, because of my love and my pain.

I thank you all. I thank all of the staff for choosing a career in something so selfless and wanting to be a part of our progress. I'm glad it's been rewarding for you. I'm glad you feel for this family of people born into such adversity. I'm thankful for the prosperity you have given me. I thank God for what things I've felt here, the family of friends, their support, their cares, and every one of the people who helped bring me to this day in recovery. Even those who taught me those lessons of hardship, God definitely blessed the broken road, and now I'm on the yellow one, beyond the rainbow, which makes it very pleasant that my "spirit creature" is a seagull. This is too fitting! The fact is also so entertaining. I hope that this energy in me never changes.

Times here will definitely be memorable, and I will honor all the friendships I have made, and keep you in my life the best that I can. I appreciate all I'll be taking with me, and all that heartache that I have in leaving. I'm so excited, and I've been anxious for weeks to write this farewell.I hope to keep in touch, to visit and continue progress, fulfill my dreams, along with each of you.

God bless you all!

In love and kindness, Stephanie

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