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October 10, 2013

Things are getting saucy at Hopewell

As I am reflecting on the highlights at Hopewell this past week I can still smell the aroma of fresh picked apples. But more importantly I am excited about the community that has been created by picking apples last Tuesday. A friend of Hopewell invited us out to pick apples from their orchard. So we went forth in vans and trucks to pick apples and came back with a truck load of apples that now needed to be processed. The garden crew washed and peeled and chopped all morning which produced an apple pie for lunch. The next day we captured the farm and maintenance crew as well as the garden crew and produced 5 gallons of wonderful applesauce. There were also individual and random apple processors that washed and washed and washed the gallons of apples that we picked and sorted them for storage. One resident peeled and cored a box full of apples for the freezer to be baked some blustery winter day to remind us of the wonderful apple adventure we had. We also had a day of apple cider pressing involving several crews.

Many hands make light work it has been said and it took all the cooperation of the community to help us all enjoy the many apples we have.

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