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September 17, 2012

Helping to Heal

Opinions about the most effective approaches to treating individuals with a serious mental illness are many. At Hopewell, we focus on what is called milieu therapy. This means that the community at Hopewell serves as an important and affirming resource for giving and receiving emotional support. It is the primary healing agent.

In my experience, there are four essential elements that are key to understanding and fostering this healing process. They are:

Safe environment – Having a feeling of safety and security allows individuals to work on their inner self and personal goals. They are able to trust others which then allows for greater learning and growing. Providing a safe, peaceful and therapeutic environment is why Hopewell's rural location was chosen.

Time to Heal - There are few shortcuts to healing from most serious injuries or illnesses. The same holds true for mental illness. Expecting a miracle technique or magical pills to "cure" a mental illness is not realistic. Hopewell holds that sustained holistic treatment is the most effective means to achieving recovery.

Support System - It is essential that individuals with serious mental illness have active professional, peer and family support in order to achieve optimum results. Support can be rendered in many ways, but most importantly, the recovering individual needs to feel valued, respected and actively engaged in the treatment process.

Knowing the Difference Between Healing and Coping - Both are important and necessary for recovery and wellness. Finding ways to cope helps individuals manage their symptoms and maintains their sense of well being. For some people, however, coping may only serve as temporary solution to a more complex condition.

At Hopewell we offer the opportunity for these individuals to truly "heal" through the integration of a holistic mind, body, spirit approach. Our goal is to help residents have the time to achieve and realize a more sustained recovery and to experience more of their unique potential and sense of personal fulfillment.

Thanks to the active support of our Board, staff, volunteers and friends, Hopewell has been able to develop the resources and expertise to help make a positive difference in the lives of the individuals we serve.

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