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April 3, 2012

SMART Board Adds to David Cutler Conservatory

The David Cutler Conservatory, a place of peace, reflection, and learning on the Hopewell campus, is also the home of an amazing piece of technology: an interactive whiteboard called the SMART Board. Thanks to the generosity of the Cutler family, Hopewell's widescreen SMART Board has greatly enhanced the entertainment and education opportunities at Hopewell.

SMART Boards are powerful tools for teaching and presenting. They are connected to a computer system and allow users to touch the board to surf the Internet, create and write notes, draw diagrams and illustrate ideas. The board can save and store any information that is written on it. Since its installation, Hopewell staff and residents have put the SMART Board through its paces. Clinician Jennifer Palovich, who uses it every week, displays PowerPoint presentations in group therapy sessions. Residents play video games and watch movies and TV shows streamed from the Internet. The yoga group uses it to play relaxing music and show graphics during workouts.If it's possible, the Conservatory is even busier than before thanks to the amazing technology of the SMART Board and the Cutler family.

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